How to clean and condition your interior

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How to clean and condition your interior Empty How to clean and condition your interior

Post  Flash man on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:14 pm

It is a good idea to clean and condition your interior periodically. Vinyl and plastic door panels, console, dashboard and trim. If it is very dirty, you would first use Bullseye vinyl and leather cleaner. Spray the surface and gently agitate with a soft bristle brush for heavy soil. After you are finished cleaning the interior, you can treat the surface with Presto universal dressing. Spray Presto on a sponge applicator and wipe onto the surface. You can dilute presto 1:1 to lower the gloss for dash surfaces. Presto is a water based silicone dressing has great UV protection. It will rejuvenate dry vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. If you live in the south where the UV ray are severe, make sure to treat your dashboard, weather stripping interior/exterior plastic and rubber surfaces. Do not apply a high shine to dashboards or dress rubber brake pedals. A high shine on a dashboard will create sun glare and makes it hard to see through your winshield. If your dress your brake pedal it will make it dangerous to stop your vehicle because your foot will slip off the pedal. If your interior is not very dirty, you can apply Presto universal dressing. Presto will lightly clean and leave a protective shine.

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