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Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash Empty Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash

Post  amboybob on Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:42 am

Recently, Grape Gloss Spray Wax was mentioned very favorably on Autogeek's Forum under the topic of waterless wash products. Do you believe it can be used as a waterless wash without scratching paint?
Also, can Grape Gloss (or any of your other products) be mixed with water and used as a rinseless wash (similar to Optimum No Rinse)?


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Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash Empty Re: Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash

Post  Eric on Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:01 pm

Joe does sell a detailing kit made for waterless detailing that includes Grape Gloss, so my guess is that the answer would be yes. Beyond that, I'll defer to Joe.



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Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash Empty Re: Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash

Post  Flash man on Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:17 pm

Hello All,

Yes, Grape Gloss can be used as a waterless car wash and saves constant car washing. I have never had Grape Gloss scratch surfaces or leave spider scratches or swirls in any of my black cars. Grape Gloss is applied with a light mist and wipe. Although if you have sand grit on your car, then I would suggest using a heavy dose of Grape Gloss in those areas, before wiping with a soft microfiber towel. Using Grape Gloss with a microfiber towel is the key to waterless car washing. Grape Gloss will not leave a powdery wax residue on moldings, plastic bumpers, mirrors etc.

Grape Gloss cleans dirt, grease, tree sap and light water spots from painted surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Grape Gloss has a polymer wax that will protect surfaces from spotting and contaminates. It will also leave a slick feel on the surface and a water beading shine. Grape Gloss also works great on your winshield. Minimal use of your wipers. You can dilute Grape Gloss spray wax at a dilution of 1:3. At this ratio you can use it on a hot car in the sun without streaking. It will sometimes streak on a waxed black car in the sun. The reason for this is that Grape Gloss is such a concentrated spray wax and the vehicle is also hand waxed.

If you dilute Grape Gloss with water, you dilute the wax concentration. Therefore, it can be used on a freshly waxed hot car in the sun. Grape Gloss will not streak on an unwaxed car in direct sunlight. But, you also need to remember is that if you dilute Grape Gloss, you also lose some wax protection. Many of our customers do not hand wax their cars anymore. They depend on the wax protection of Grape Gloss. Grape Gloss spray wax, will fill that order. All of our products are water based and biodegradable. Thanks for your inquiry.

Joe Flash Man Smile
Flash man
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Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash Empty Re: Waterless Wash/Rinseless Wash

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