Cherry Bomb/Ultra Violet/EZ Cutter

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Cherry Bomb/Ultra Violet/EZ Cutter Empty Cherry Bomb/Ultra Violet/EZ Cutter

Post  Eric on Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:37 am

Joe, just curious if you could shine some light on the differences between these products, especially the Ultra Violet and the EZ Cutter. I understand that Cherry Bomb is more of your safe, all purpose cleaner, but how do the other two stack up for heavier jobs? What times would you recommend one, over the other?

Thanks. Very Happy


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Cherry Bomb/Ultra Violet/EZ Cutter Empty Re: Cherry Bomb/Ultra Violet/EZ Cutter

Post  Flash man on Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:16 pm

Hi Eric,

Cherry Bomb all purpose cleaner is safe to use on all surfaces. Cherry Bomb will clean grease and brake dust if use full strength, but is mostly an all around cleaner. Cherry Bomb will not streak paint or wheels.Ultra Violet degreaser is much stronger than Cherry Bomb. Ultra Violet was designed for heavy grease, brake dust, whitewalls, floor cleaning etc. It is safe like Cherry Bomb cleaner, when diluted correctly. EZ Cutter is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. EZ Cutter will remove tar, bugs, tree sap, brake dust, oil, grease, Graffiti, paint overspray, magic marker and adhesive from hard/painted surfaces. EZ Cutter is safe and can be used in place of a clay bar to remove contaminates. It can also be used around the home for various cleaning jobs. Soap scum on shower doors, bathroom, tile, grout, floors, oven cleaning, BBQ, carpets, fabric etc. EZ Cutter is just as powerful as Ultra Violet Degreaser but does more jobs. EZ Cutter is like a water-based cleaning solvent. Safe on all surfaces. Thanks for asking. Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

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