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Summer Time is Here

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Summer Time is Here Empty Summer Time is Here

Post  Flash man Fri May 09, 2014 2:57 pm

Its that time of year again. The Summer Heat has come in like a bear. Especially here in Florida. That means that the Sun will be blazing its highest UV Rays. If your car is not garaged and sits outside in the hot sun. There are a few steps you need to take to keep your paint, trim and interior from deteriorating.

Painted Surfaces

Keep many coats of wax on your paint. Wax build up is good. The more coats of wax. The more protection. Dark colored cars absorb more UV rays than light colored cars. Therefore. More wax protection is needed on dark colored vehicles. Flash Liquid paste wax, Rejuvenator and Nano cleaner wax are excellent choices. Using Grape Gloss spray wax will help maintain your finish between waxing.Grape Gloss contains a Polymer/Teflon formula. Grape Gloss spray wax holds up well against harsh UV rays. If you dont like hand waxing very often. You also have the option of using our WASH N SPRAY WAX PAINT PROTECTION SYSTEM.


Plastic Exterior Trim and Tires

The Sun & Heat will dry out rubber and plastic trim if left untreated. Aqua Gloss & Brush & Glow exterior dressings will protect Tires and trim from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Aqua Gloss tire shine & Brush & Glow high viscosity tire shine are water-based and water-repellant dressings. They are very durable, leave a high gloss and last for many weeks on vehicle surfaces.


Keep your dash, seats and interior trim protected. Especially if you do not have tinted glass. Presto & Banana Breeze interior dressings are excellent water-based dressings and hold up well against UV rays. They can be used on vinyl, plastic trim and leather. Nothing is worse than a cracked dash.

Leather Seats

When the temperature rises. So does the heat inside your vehicle. The high temperatures inside your vehicle help pull the oils out of your leather seats. If you do not treat your leather seats. They will become dry, hard and eventually split. Our Leather Conditioning Creme contains natural oils and lanolin that keep leather surfaces soft and supple. You should also use it on your leather steering wheel and leather shifter if your vehicle has these options. It is also a good idea to keep your windows cracked open a little to let heat build up escape from your interior. Treat your leather surfaces once a month to keep your interior looking like new.
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